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Maxi's Massive Venture
Maxi's Massive Venture
Maxi's Massive Venture

Maxi's Massive Venture

6 week postcard & teddi adventure

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Hi! My name is Maxi Venture.

I love big, giant, massive, humongous things. I'm going on a huge around the world adventure, to find the biggest landmarks I can!

Join me for my venture and I'll send:

  • A letter to introduce myself and say hello! Even add your own personalised message.
  • 1 postcard each week from my 5 stops, with fun photo and exciting story.
  • Myself!... I'm coming to live with you... in my travel tube of course.
  • A sticker sheet to decorate my tube with my ventures.

Customer Reviews

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Kid loved every postcard. Buddi arrived just b4 Christmas.

Definitely recommended.

Best Teddi ever

Thank you so much for Maxi. My children enjoyed receiving a postcard every week and talking about where Maxi was going on an adventure. They love Maxi.

Brilliant Idea!

Keira absolutely loves Maxi. She was always so excited when a postcard arrived in the mail. It’s not just an average fluffy bear as he’s educational and very informative. Thank you Teddi Ventures!

"Buddi" beautiful...

Elijah and Oriana both loved receiving the postcards from Buddi in the mail. We were able to show them both where he had traveled on a map of the world on Oriana's bedroom wall.

A great idea which I will be recommending to friends and colleagues...

Lovin Teddi

Our son James was very intrigued by Teddi and his adventures. He tracked Teddi's journey and begin to guess where Teddi might end up next. He actually started checking the mail box for us to see where Teddi would write from next. Teddi now sleeps with him every night. Such a naughty Teddy!