About Us

We love travelling all over the world in our Teddi Tubes to learn about amazing people and places. Each Teddi has a unique personality and their own exciting venture.

What we love even more than travelling is making new friends and sharing our ventures! Join us on one of our ventures to discover the world and we will send you a set of 6 exciting postcards before coming to live with you.

...Buckle up for a lot of fun!

 Bon Voyage Zippie, Trendi, Buddi, Norti & Maxi

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ventures last? Ventures last 6 weeks from the time the introductory postcard arrives, until Teddi comes to live. DIY Kits can be run at any speed.

What ages enjoy Teddi Ventures? Our Ventures are suitable for a range of kids from 3-12! Postcards have great stories to learn about the world and different cultures, while enhancing reading skills.
Kids absolutely love getting our postcards in the mail, which leads up to the big moment when a Teddi arrives to live with them!

What's included in a Teddi Venture? Each Teddi has a unique personality and adventure. We send you:

  • A letter to introduce Teddi and say hello! Even add your own personalised message.
  • 1 postcard each week from Teddi's 5 stops, with fun photo and exciting story.
  • Teddi comes to live with you, in their travel tube of course.
  • A sticker sheet to decorate Teddi's tube with their ventures.

Where can ventures be sent? At the moment we send postcards to and come to live in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Let Helpi know if you would like us to spread our paws further around the world!

Can I choose when a venture starts? Ventures by Teddi Post that are ordered by Wednesday will arrive the following week. You can also choose for a Venture to start (arrive) on a specific week in the future - great forward planning for Birthdays!
If you have a furry situation and need a Venture to start immediately, contact Helpi and we can make it happen!